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Securely Managed (Formerly listed as Securely Yours LLC) is proud to be named one of the Top 100 Managed Security Services Providers by MSSPAlert.com

Cyber threats are real

Federal, state, and industry regulations are increasingly putting pressure on organizations to invest heavily in cyber security. The availability of good security professionals is in short supply. Large organizations have budgets to address these cyber threats. Small and Medium size businesses are caught in a dilemma. They don’t have the resources to manage the cyber threats and ensure that their network is monitored. Securely Managed has created a managed security service offering just for you!

How does the Solution Work?

Our offering is designed to work with your network architecture and environment. Whether you have a single data center environment, multi data center environment or a hybrid data center / cloud environment, our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) architecture can handle your environment (the diagram below shows our SIEM architecture). Whether you have an existing SIEM or not, our solution will install the appropriate sensors and collectors in your organization, monitor and analyze your network traffic, and send alerts to you if and when our monitoring centers detects anomalies in your network traffic.

What is the Our Approach?

Unlike other Managed Security Service Providers, who just monitor whatever logs you send to them, we have a phased approach to assist you. We first work with you to identify all the appliances whose logs should be monitored and make sure the audit parameters are enabled. Secondly, we work with you to identify and define the appropriate alerts which should be sent you your organization. Finally, we start the monitoring process and periodically tune the process to make sure that the service is meeting your expectations. Optionally, we can also assist you with our consulting services to manage the alerts and vulnerabilities identified by the alerts.


  • Immediate notification of a security threat
  • Direct Access to highly skilled security engineers monitoring the network
  • Services include not only the log and SIEM monitoring but also vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, threat intelligence, Network IDS, Host IDS, File Integrity monitoring
  • 24x7—365 day access monitoring service
  • Full suite of compliance, audit, and security reports

Our solutions are based on Alien Vault
(our business Partner), with Securely Yours LLC add-ons.



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